The departments listed below are maintained by Elected Officials. The duties and responsibilities of their offices and any sub offices are entrusted to them by voters of Oktibbeha county.
 Board of Supervisors
 Chancery Clerk

14th District
This department maintains records in civil litigation where the monetary consideration is over $15,000 or where the litigation involves equitable matters that cannot be brought before the county court.
 Court Terms
 Filing Fees
 Record Books

This department maintains all records relevant to felony offenses and grand jury matters. In the case of county jurisdiction, the department maintains all records relevant to misdemeanor offenses, municipal and county ordinance violations, and parking violations.
 Books of Record
 Filing Fees

  What We Do
The Chancery Clerk occupies perhaps the most unique and diverse office in all of Mississippi government. The various duties given the Chancery Clerk by statute, or assumed voluntarily by the individual Clerk, cover a wide range of vitally important functions. The duties and functions of the Chancery Clerk are governed by an elaborate assortment of statutes and court rules, along with procedures established either by the State Department of Audit or the Department of Finance and Administration. Learn More...

  Who We Serve
The Clerk of the Board of Supervisors records the official minutes. As Treasurer, the Clerk by statute is responsible for the preparation of claims dockets and payrolls for all departments of the County, and after Board approval, the Clerk writes and signs checks for payments. As public recorder, the Clerk handles the recording and storage of several types of documents and maintains various indexes that aid people in researching these records. Learn More...

  Contact Us
We are happy to serve the citizens of Oktibbeha County. Please feel free to write, visit or call our office. Please find our contact information below:

Monica W. Banks, Oktibbeha County Chancery Clerk
Fourteenth District
101 E. Main Street
Starkville, Mississippi 39759
Phone: (662) 323-5834 Fax: (662) 338-1064

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m. CST

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